System Pricing

Custom Built Architectural Water Features

$100 – $400 per square foot: The variation in price is based on design specifications such as In-wall, Freestanding and/or choice of materials. Custom lighting, installation and shipping are priced seperately.

H2O Touch Screen Computer

3″ X 5″ screen comes standard with System #1 and System #2. Larger screen sizes up to 16″ X 16″ can also be programmed as lobby directories and information centers.

Our H2O computer system is designed to make any new or existing water feature look and run better. All system options include our Touch Screen Computer Operation and the ability to customize settings such as lighting, water speed, wave settings, as well as the programming of automatic functions such as on/off, daily cleanings and vacation settings. Please review our system options below to see what best fits your needs.

H2O WALLS also offers a modem package that allows your computer to receive program upgrades and/or troubleshoot from our office.

Unique to Our Company

All H2O Walls’s water features undergo testing at our factory/showroom before they are installed by us AT each clients location. H2O Walls business partners Eric, Jim and Scott with their individual talents ensure that client projects are completed to perfection as planned. The teams that design and build each project also remain on the team to see each project through installation anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Payment Terms:

  • 50% Deposit starts fabrication and locks in lead time
  • 25% At time of shipping
  • 25% After complete installation

Optional Computer System

H2O SYSTEM Recirculating, Chemically Treated System

  • Touch Screen Computer
  • Control Box and Automatic Chemical Treatment
  • Create the same great waterfall effects as System #1 without the Automatic Maintenance Cleaning System
  • Our computer system can also be added to existing water features.