Why Us

Lifetime Guarantee

on all H2O Walls Fabrication

Environmentally, water walls are great air filters. The water entraps particles in the air until the cleaning cycle drains and flushes the particles away. With our proprietary touch computer system, cleaning-cycle-timing can be adjusted to each water wall owner’s preferences to nightly, weekly or even monthly cycling.

H2O Walls also offers a proprietary delivery system for Bromine which maintains a consistent safe water environment without the hassle of needing daily testing or chemical adjustment. Our proprietary Bromine delivery system is available for purchase for current H2O Walls customers as wells as the general public. Our unique system can be used for any water wall, fountain, or hot tub and spa owners.

H2O Walls is the only water feature manufacturer to offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on every H2O Walls architectural fabrication. The Quality, Service, and Engineering behind an H2O Walls water wall allows us to give clients the “Don’t pay until your 100% happy” Guarantee with confidence.

Everything We Do Is Custom

If you can THINK it… We can BUILD it!

Steve Taylor, owner of “Bakers 360 Restaurant & Bar” challenged H2O Walls with our own assertion: “The H2O Walls computer can make any water feature run better.” So, we applied our system to his existing bubble wall. Now, he can program any wave or continuous flow pattern imaginable with our bubble wall touch screen computer system.

Us vs. Them

5 YR Pump Warranty
Touch Screen Computer Operation
Natural Daily Air Cleaner
Pure RO Water Systems
Auto Fill Water Connection with No Floor or No Leak-Ever Guarantee!
Automatic Daily Cleaning Cycle
Adjustable Waterfall Speeds, Sounds & Patterns
Splash-Free Design
Flush Fit With Any Wall
Leak Sensor with Auto-Water Supply Shut-Off
Drain Sensor with Auto-Water Supply Shut-Off
Best Guarantee and Warranty on the Planet!


What Our Clients Say

PS: I also want you to know that we had a failure last night with our water wall and Jim stayed with me for hours today until we got it working. After 9 years, the best service support we ever got. Thanks so much.
Private Residence
Hello Eric, I hope all is well. Thank you so much for all your help with the water wall. It really is incredible and could not have worked out better in the end. The sound of that water running into the troth is really wonderful. I can’t wait to unveil it all. We are hoping to do so on January 8. Thank you for your patience with me throughout this whole process. I will email photos once we are all cleaned up!
I would like to say Thank You to the entire Project Team for an amazing job completed for our client. I received feedback after the clients arrival and they are quite pleased with their new home and all of our efforts put forth. This is a project everyone should be proud of. It was a pleasure to have been a part of this project with all of you and I look forward to servicing the future needs of our client as requested.
Guido D. Rebosio
Our Architecture and Interior Design firm, Healing Environments, was awarded 1st Place for the ASID 2016 Design Excellence Awards “Contract Project by Small Firm.” We are so grateful and thankful for all of your hard work to help us create a successful design! We appreciate all your time and effort on this project. We are sending you photos of the project in case you would like to display the “Spa Lobby” vignette in your portfolio for the “1st Place Award.” Please let us know if you have any questions. Again, thanks for the fantastic team work!
Susan El-Naggar, ASID, Principal,
Healing Environments and Design
Hi Scott! I just wanted to let you know that our waterwall is working beautifully and Eddy was fantastic! Thank you for negotiating on our behalf to get the payment terms approved, and for taking such good cause of us on such short notice. I really appreciate your help, you are awesome! The new pump is practically silent. Thank you!
Montarra Grill
I’ve been having major problems with my water walls that the previous owner had installed. I called the company for help, and they basically said I was on my own unless I paid a huge amount of money for upgrades. Someone mentioned to call H2O Walls. Thank god I did. They were friendly and most helpful, right over the phone. They made suggestions and talked me through my problems. The original wall was not installed properly, but these folks got me on the right track. I have future projects in the works that need water walls. I will call Scotty at H2O Walls first for sure.
Jeff Huguet,
Escape Medical Spa and Salon
Just wanted to thank your team for the great service and support. We are very happy with the Water wall and it is a great attraction for our guest Thanks again,
Richard Amburgey, Director of Engineering,
Piershale Financial Group
The wall has run daily since we moved into the home and has really been enjoyable for everyone. Two weeks ago the system just stopped working. After troubleshooting with your staff the main drive was replaced and all is well again. I’m obviously in the construction business and I understand the difference between companies that stand behind their products and those that do not. I have to say, you not only stand behind your product with customer support, you also stand behind with warrant support like no one else. The fact that your team sent me another drive and supported my efforts to troubleshoot a five-year- old system at no cost is very much appreciated. You are a rare company in the world today.
Christopher M. Huckabee, AIA/CEO,
Huckabee Architecture Engineering Management
Thank you Jim and Scotty, We love the elegance and tranquility that our H2O water wall adds to our Salon. The glass wall with our Salon Logo creates a fantastic back drop that highlights our front desk. Our clients comment about how relaxing it is to experience the running water while they are having their services done. At night we have two spot lights aimed at the wall to bring attention to out reception area even after we are closed. It is a great advertisement for our business.
Melissa Chmura, Mary Kay Currie, Michelle Szczensy,
Salon MMM
H2O Walls Engineering Has Built The Worlds Largest Single Glass Panel Water Wall! Fully Controlled by The H2O Computerized System. (16' Tall X 6' Wide)