Why H2O?

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Some of our competitors built and installed these “once beautiful” water walls. Maintenance is critical and time consuming for a recirculating, closed system that uses chemicals to treat water for bacteria. The results are obvious, uneven water flow, deposits, corrosion, and bacteria buildup. Two main problem: Use of spray bars or nozzle setups that easily clog and poor water quality.

This is why the
H2O system was designed. H2O uses a uniquely designed all stainless spillover with high end components that outperforms the competition. H2O's Fresh Water Maintenance Free™ water features run smoothly and elegantly. Unlike other companies, our splash-free water features do not require chemicals to maintain its beauty. Every 24 hours, the system automatically renews its water supply to avoid any mineral and bacterial build-up. This procedure combined with the bacteria killing UV light ensures a hassle-free system. H2O Walls is the only water feature manufacturer to offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on every component.

Environmentally, water walls are great air filters. The water entraps particles in the air until the cleaning cycle drains and flushes them away.

The Quality, service and engineering behind your
H2O waterwall allows us with confidence, to give our customers the "Don't pay until your 100% happy" Guarantee.

The examples shown are from a Major hospital and a medical office in which owners have full time maintenance crews. Still they cannot keep the water feature functioning and appearing as it did when it was new. The problem is a lack of proper maintenance. The results are obvious: uneven water flow, deposits and bacteria buildup.

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