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H2O Walls has over 30 years of design, installation, welding and metal fabrication experience. All fabricators employed by H2O Walls are certified in five areas. We have the ability to design, draw, fabricate and install all aspects of the project. For every H2O product, regardless of the size, we stress these 5 principles: Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, Quality, Performance and Value Engineering.

H2O Walls is unique because we combine the art of free fall water with computer technology. Our water features clean the air throughout the day then automatically drains and refills with Reverse Osmosis filtered water nightly. Our unique Touch Screen Computer System allows customers full control over the water feature, including the water speed, sound, and water patterns as they cascade down the background. Safety sensors prevent flooding by automatically shutting down the feature and draining the water.

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Hello Eric,

I hope all is well. Thank you so much for all your help with the water wall. It really is incredible and could not have worked out better in the end. The sound of that water running into the troth is really wonderful. I can't wait to unveil it all. We are hoping to do so on January 8. Thank you for your patience with me through out this whole process. I will email photos once we are all cleaned up!




I would like to say Thank You to the entire Project Team for an amazing job completed for our client. I received feedback after the clients arrival and they are quite pleased with their new home and all of our efforts put forth. This is a project everyone should be proud of. It was a pleasure to have been a part of this project with all of you and I look forward to servicing the future needs of our client as requested.

Guido D. Rebosio


To All,
I second Guido’s sentiment! All of us at PKD as well as the Owner’s are thrilled with the end result. The project came together beautifully and most importantly the Owner’s appear to be quite happy. My entire staff along with Stewart, Janet and myself personally thank each of you for your tireless efforts in the production of 721-59&60L. It truly is an amazing residence.
Our best regards,

Patrick A. Knowles, President




YESSSSS! It has been running absolutely trouble free since our fellow talked to your fellows (or you, or whoever) Anyhow, it is working like a dream and I am soooo happy as we are now back here full time. Presently selling our place in Palm Desert as Henry is just not well enough to make the trip anymore. We had three good years there and that was great. We are also happy to be back in our routine here.
Hope all is well with you.


Hi Scott

I was having trouble with the flow of a large waterfall we installed in a residence of the 92nd floor of the Hancock building in Chicago. I called H2O walls
after a recommendation from another contractor. I wound up talking with Scott, the owner. Not only did he give me advice over the phone, he came out personally
and spent an hour going over solutions. The solutions he recommended not only solved the problems, but improved the performance and made this contractor look good.

It's rare to see a business owner this hands on, especially one with a company as successful as H2O walls.
Thanks Scott!

Pat Hagerty,
Hagerty construction


Hi Dave,

I've been meaning to email you to let you know how much we are enjoying our water wall. It's so easy to use and so relaxing. We just love it. The computer keypad is very cool. I'm still working on the lighting and valence and will send pictures when it's totally completed. The only problem we're having is keeping the dogs from drinking off the glass!! It's actually really cute but they do slobber a bit on the floor :-)

Again, thanks for making such a wonderful product. We are very happy with our purchase.



To Whom It May Concern:

I want to share our superior experience with H2O Walls, the company that installed a gorgeous waterfall in our neuro-optometric office. There were some many decisions involved with the entire build out, and choosing H2O Walls was one of the many good one made.

Scotty, the owner, was extremely patient during the waterfall selection process, offering many suggestions as to the location, angle of placement, background design, etc. When the original motor was slightly too loud and disturbing to hypersensitive patients in the waiting room, he replaced it at no additional charge with a quieter model. When the glass had some residue aqnd when we, during tour personal learning process, inadvertently changed the waterfall settings, he came out personally to reset and re-explain the proper care.

H2O Walls has my full professional endorsement as well as my respect. If you would like to discuss our experience further or visit the actual office site to see their work first hand, email admin@mindeyeconnecton.net or call 847-501-2020

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah Zelinsky, O.D.
Owner, Mind-Eye Connection

Thank you Jim and Scotty,

We love the elegance and tranquility that our H2O water wall adds to our Salon. The glass wall with our Salon Logo creates a fantastic back drop that highlights our front desk. Our clients comment about how relaxing it is to experience the running water while they are having their services done. At night we have two spot lights aimed at the wall to bring attention to out reception area even after we are closed. It is a great advertisement for our business.

www. salonmmm.com

Melissa Chmura, Mary Kay Currie, Michelle Szczensy


"When choosing a company to build and install our water walls for our practice's waiting room, we chose H2O walls for their high quality construction of the walls, their vast ability to customize all water wall types, and for their top notch/always available customer care. H2O walls stands behind their products. They are readily available in case anything is needed for your walls and they go out of their way to make sure that you are as proud of your water walls as they are. Thanks H2O walls for our beautiful water walls. Our patients really enjoy them and we will treasure them for a lifetime!"

Lowell T. Ku, M.D.
Reproductive Endocrinology, Infertility, and Reproductive Surgery
Dallas IVF











Good Shepherd Church
Fremont, NE.

H2O Walls Engineering Has Built The Worlds Largest Single Glass Panel Water Wall! Fully Controlled by The H2O Computerized System.
(16' Tall X 6' Wide)




"I've been having major problems with my waterwalls that the previous owner had installed. I called the company for help and they basically said I was on my own unless I paid a huge amount of money for upgrades. Someone mentioned to call H2O Walls. Thank god I did. They were friendly and most helpful, right over the phone. They made suggestions and talked me through my problems. The original wall was not installed properly, but these folks got me on the right track. I have future projects in the works that need waterwalls. I will call Scotty at H2O Walls first for sure."

   - Jeff Huguet
   - Escape Medical Spa and Salon 


H2O Walls,

When we built our new location for our practice we decided to include a water wall. We were afraid that it would interfere with work at the front desk ( just another noise), But with the different settings we can adjust it to a very soothing white noise for us and the patients. The first thing that you see when you enter our office is our logo on the lighted water wall and we feel that it puts the patients at ease because they focus the water wall not why they are here. The ease of tuning the water wall on and off and with the different settings we can chose a steady fall of the water or it can do a wave which is a little playful. No maintenance issues which makes having the wall a pleasure.

So thank you H2O Walls, Scott, Jim and Kadrey we love our water wall

The All Smiles Dental Team,

Dr. Pat, Brooke, Kim and Jill


To Whom It May Concern:

As a business owner I am extremely happy with H2OWalls. Scott is very talented and was very patient with our water feature. He took the time to listen to us and figure out our needs. During the process of fixing our water feature Scott also made recommendations about our drinking water source. After he installed the water purifier we are not only drinking clearer water but we are saving money. I would highly recommend using H2O Walls for your water feature needs.


Tammy Coakley

Spa Bleu Owner




Rain Curtain for Trade Show-Las Vegas,NV Special thanks to H2O Walls for their collaboration and expertise in providing a superior product; The Rain Curtain. It was unique and a great fit with our overall trade show marketing initiative which landed us Best of Show at Exhibitor ‘09














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