A Customer demonstrates a unique splash free fountain

Custom Water Walls, Fountains, & Bubble Walls

Unlike our competitors, every facet of H2O Walls’ custom fabrication is made-to-order by our own engineers, designers, fabricators and installers right here from our state-of-the-art facility in the USA.

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Custom Water Features

Interior Designers, and Architects buy our Custom Water Features because our systems last a lifetime. We have been designing, fabricating and installing Water Walls, Fountains, & Bubble Walls for over twenty years. Because we tailor every water feature to your needs, we like to say “If you can THINK it… we can BUILD it!”

For over-30-years we have designed, fabricated, and installed thousands of water features. H2O Walls has the only environmentally friendly, maintenance-free “Fresh Water System ™” to improve your space’s air quality and impress your guests.

Our unique Touch Screen Computer System operates our water features in a variety of natural waterfall effects. This creates a different sound, look and feel for your every mood. The control system optimizes automation, monitoring, and can include a remote mobile app feature.

Water Feature Examples

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Beautiful indoor water wall serving as a wall

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Residential Landscaping Water Feature

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glass waterwall as a wall in an offuce

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Tile Water Wall with Corporate Logo

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Close up on large room divider vubble wall

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Fountain at Commerce Square Plza outdoor commercial art application- Philadelphia, PA